Seven Tips for Kissing Like You Mean It

1. Start from the bottom up. Your feet are packed – heel to toe – with sensitive, sensual nerve endings. Giving and receiving a 10-minute foot massage will heat things up before your lips ever meet.

2. The eyes have it. There’s nothing more intimate, or vulnerable, than sustained eye contact. Try sitting cross-legged, touching knees and lightly holding hands. Just gaze into each other’s eyes for five minutes and watch the sparks between you begin to fly.

3. Relax. A stiff upper lip never delivers much “come hither,” so make sure to release the  stress of the day together before you pucker up. Byrd suggests softly stroking the tension out of your sweetie’s forehead, cheeks, eyes and jaw. Then, extend down to the shoulders and back – your partner will melt like butter in your arms!

4. Slow down. Take the time to really feel the shape of your partner’s entire mouth, and appreciate every inch of it.

5. Breathe. “Remember to breathe deeply – you won’t stoke the fire without air,” says Byrd. “Shallow inhaling keeps us from building passion, and shallow exhaling blocks all of the surrender involved with intimacy.”

6. Give as great as you get. According to Byrd, most people have a more difficult time either giving or receiving a long and luxurious kiss. Try taking turns, practicing whichever one is more difficult for you.

7. Remember, practice makes perfect! “If we make passionate kissing a part of our daily lives – when we get up in the morning, when we leave for work, while we’re making dinner, during television commercials – it will become second nature and just keep getting better,” Byrd says. So, forget those quick pecks on the cheek. Kiss him like you mean it!

10 Bad Habits That Sometimes Do Us Good

(1) Fidgeting helps burn calories
While fidgeting might be annoying for individuals and those around them, it is an activity that expends energy and burns calories. Fidgeting is one of a number of activities (along with walking, gardening, typing, tidying up, etc.) that are known as non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT). In basic terms, NEAT is any activity that is not eating, sleeping, or sporting exercise. A number of studies carried out by obesity expert Dr. James Levine at the US Mayo Clinic (Arizona, US) have shown that individuals who fidget burn up about 350kcal a day. This is because fidgeting speeds up an individual’s metabolism by stimulating neurochemicals in the body thus increasing the ability to convert body fat into energy. So, if you are a compulsive foot tapper, an excessive thumb twiddler, or a restless doodler, just remember that all of these activities burn calories.

(2) Chewing gum helps boost thinking and alertness
Watching people chew gum is not a pretty sight, but if English football managers are anything to go by, chewing gum appears to be a stress relieving activity. In fact, there appear to appear to be many cognitive benefits of chewing gum. Dr. Kin-ya Kubo and colleagues in the book Senescence and Senescence-Related Disorders noted that chewing gum immediately before performing a cognitive task increases blood oxygen levels in the prefrontal cortex and hippocampus (important brain structures involved in learning and memory), thereby improving task performance. Dr. Kubo argues that chewing gum may therefore be a drug-free and simple method of helping those with senile dementia and stress-related disorders that are often associated with cognitive dysfunction. Another study by Dr. Yoshiyuki Hirano and colleagues showed that chewing gum boosts thinking and alertness, and that reaction times among chewers were 10% faster than non-chewers. The research team also reported that up to eight areas of the brain are affected by chewing (most notably the areas concerning attention and movement). As Professor Andy Smith (Cardiff University, UK) neatly summed up: “The effects of chewing on reaction time are profound. Perhaps football managers arrived at the idea of chewing gum by accident, but they seem to be on the right track.”

(3) Playing video games helps relieve pain
Many individuals who do not play video games view the activity as a complete waste of time and potentially addictive. While excessive video game playing may cause problems in a minority of individuals, there is a lot of scientific evidence that playing video games can have beneficial effects. For instance, a number of studies have shown that children with cancer who play video games after chemotherapy take less pain killing medication. Video games have also been used as pain relieving therapy for other medical conditions such as burns victims and those with back pain. This is because playing video games is an engaging and engrossing activity that means the player cannot think about anything else but playing the game (and is what psychologists refer to as a ‘cognitive distractor task’). Pain has a large psychological component and individuals experience less pain if the person is engaged in an activity that takes up all their cognitive mind space. As well as being a pain reliever, there are also many studies showing that playing video games increase hand-eye coordination, increase reaction times, and have educational learning benefits.
(4) Eating snot helps strengthen the immune system (maybe)
How does it make you feel when you see someone picking their nose and then eating what they have found? Disgust? Contempt? Amused? In 2008, Dr. Friedrich Bischinger, an Austrian lung specialist, claimed that picking your nose and eating it was good for you. He claimed that people who pick their noses with their fingers were healthy, happier and probably better in tune with their bodies than those who didn’t. Dr. Bischinger believed that eating the dry remains of what you pull out of your nose is a great way of strengthening the body's immune system. He explained that in terms of the immune system, the nose is a filter in which a great deal of bacteria are collected, and when this mixture arrives in the intestines it works just like a medicine. He said that “people who pick their nose and eat it get a natural boost to their immune system for free. I would recommend a new approach where children are encouraged to pick their nose. It is a completely natural response and medically a good idea as well.” He went on to suggest that if anyone was worried about what other people think, they should pick their noses privately if they want to get the benefits.  This view is also shared by Dr. Scott Napper, a biochemist at the University of Saskatchewan. He theorises that hygiene improvement has led to the increase in allergies and auto-immune disorders and that eating snot may boost the immune system by ingesting small and harmless amounts of germs into the body. The same theory has also been applied to another bad habit —biting fingernails—because again, the act of biting nails introduces germs directly into a person’s orifices.

(5) Daydreaming helps problem solving
Daydreaming is something that can occupy up to one-third of our waking lives and is often viewed as a sign of laziness, inattentiveness and/or procrastination. However, scientific research has shown that the ‘executive network’ in our brain is highly active when we daydream. A study carried out by Professor Kalina Christoff and colleagues and published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found activity in numerous brain regions while daydreaming, including areas associated with complex problem solving. These brain regions were more active during a daydream compared to during routine tasks. It is believed that when an individual uses conscious thought they can become too rigid and limited in their thinking. The findings suggest that daydreaming is an important cognitive state where individuals turn their attention from immediate tasks to unconsciously think about problems in their lives. Christoff says that "when you daydream, you may not be achieving your immediate goal—say reading a book or paying attention in class—but your mind may be taking that time to address more important questions in your life, such as advancing your career or personal relationships.” In addition to this, Dr. Eric Klinger of the University of Minnesota has argued that daydreaming also serves an evolutionary purpose. When individuals are engaged on one task, daydreaming can trigger reminders of other, concurrent goals so that they do not lose sight of them.

(6) Swearing helps reduce pain and relieve work stress
Although swearing has become increasingly commonplace, most people would agree it is a bad habit. However, research has shown that swearing can help alleviate pain. In an experimental study led by Dr. Richard Stephens (at Keele University, UK) in the journal Neuroreport, results showed that individuals who swore (compared to individuals that didn’t) could endure the pain of putting their hand in a bucket of ice-cold water nearly 50% longer (nearly two minutes for those that swore compared to one minute 15 seconds for those that said a neutral non-swearword instead). Dr. Stephens thought of the idea for doing the study after accidentally hitting his thumb with a hammer while building a garden shed and realizing that simultaneous swearing appeared to help reduce the pain. The researchers speculated that swearing might trigger our natural 'fight-or-flight' response by downplaying a weakness or threat in order to deal with it. However, there appears to be a caveat. Swearing may only be effective in helping reduce pain if it is a casual habit. Dr. Stephens cautioned that swearing is emotional language but if individuals overuse it, swearing loses its emotional attachment, and is less likely to help alleviate pain. Research published in the Leadership and Organization Development Journal by Professor Yehuda Baruch (University of East Anglia, U.K.) found that regular use of swearing expressed and reinforced solidarity among staff members. The acts of profanity enabled employees to express their feelings, such as frustration, and develop social relationships.

(7) Being messy helps boost creativity
Being messy—whether it’s a messy work desk or a messy bedroom—has often perceived as a sign of being disorganized. However, recent American research published in the journal Psychological Science by Dr. Kathleen Vohs and colleagues (at the Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota) suggests that being messy can boost creativity. Vohs and her team carried out a number of experiments and published them in a paper entitled ‘Physical order produces healthy choices, generosity, and conventionality, whereas disorder produces creativity.’ In one of the experiments, 48 participants were assigned to either a messy or tidy room. Participants were asked to think up as many uses for ping pong balls as they could and to write them down. Independent judges then rated the participants’ answers for degree of creativity. Results showed that participants in both tidy and messy rooms produced the same number of ideas, but those generating ideas in the messy room were more creative. Those in the messy room were (on average) 28% more creative and were five times more likely to produce “highly creative” ideas. Dr. Vohs concluded that messiness and creativity are very strongly correlated, and that “while cleaning up certainly has its benefits, clean spaces might be too conventional to let inspiration flow.”

(8) Having a lie-in helps reduce heart attacks and strokes
While the old proverb that ‘the early bird catches the worm’ might be true, the old saying ‘early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy and wise’ may not be. According to Dr. Mayuko Kadono, a Japanese physician at Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine, getting up too early in the morning may have serious health consequences. Kadono has led a number of studies on sleep and its relationship with health. In one of his studies of 3,017 healthy adults, it was reported that those individuals getting up before 5 a.m. and engaging in vigorous exercise have a 1.7 times greater risk of high blood pressure and were twice as likely to develop cardiovascular disease as those who got up two to three hours later. The number of hours slept did not make a difference, only the time of getting up. Dr. Kadono said the results were “contrary to the commonly held belief that early birds are in better health. We need to find what the causes of this are, and whether exercising after waking early is beneficial." A study conducted by American researchers at Stanford University found that the most restorative sleep occurs between 2:00 a.m. and 6:30 a.m. More general research has found that getting enough sleep can help individuals’ reduce their stress and boost their memory. In short, it’s better to wake up when your body feels ready to get up (i.e., aligning with your body’s natural circadian rhythm) rather than waking up because your alarm clock has gone off.

(9) Gossiping helps friendships and relieves stress
Gossiping is often perceived as a malicious and untrustworthy behavior but most individuals appear to like gossiping—particularly if it is about the misfortunes of someone else. One of the reasons we like to hear about other people’s problems is that it makes us feel better about ourselves. However, there is also a growing amount of psychological research showing that gossiping may actually have positive benefits. Gossiping is important in helping us bond with other people, promoting cooperation, friendship, and learning about cultural norms. These consequences of gossip make us feel good, and when we feel good it helps us relieve stress, tension, and anxiety. In a recent American study published in the journal Psychological Science by Dr. Matthew Feinberg (Stanford University) and colleagues, it was reported that gossip and ostracism can have positive effects within group situations. According to Feinberg, "groups that allow their members to gossip sustain cooperation and deter selfishness better than those that don't. And groups do even better if they can gossip and ostracize untrustworthy members. While both of these behaviors can be misused, [the] findings suggest that they also serve very important functions for groups and society.” The evolutionary psychologist Dr. Robin Dunbar (University of Oxford, U.K.) notes that because language is principally used for the exchange of social information and that such topics are so overwhelmingly important, he concludes that “gossip is what makes human society as we know it possible”.

(10) Burping and farting help relieve bloating and stomach pain
Burping and farting may well be viewed as bad habits, but both are a normal part of the body digestion process, both acts help release unwanted gas that builds up inside the stomach, and both are vital for good gastric health. Farting is particularly beneficial for relieving bloating and preventing oneself from breaking wind can be incredibly painful. Dr Nick Read, a British consultant gastroenterologist warns “If you don’t belch and the gas stays on the stomach, this can cause the valve that separates the gullet and the stomach to relax, allowing stomach acid to splash up into the gullet, triggering heartburn.” In relation to farting he added “We evacuate wind for a reason—it forms in the bowel and we need to get rid of it. Holding it back can also trigger pain. A colleague used to call it Metropolitan Railway Syndrome—all these commuters suffered pain and bloating because they were too embarrassed to break wind on public transport.” All this leads to the conclusion that it’s the act of not burping or farting that should be considered bad habits. As I was often told by one of my aunts: “It’s better out than in.”

The Truth About Female Orgasms

#1. Female orgasm increases the likelihood of conception.
It’s probably not something you want to discuss with your grandma on a Sunday afternoon, but evidence suggests that the powerful rhythmic contractions of the vagina during orgasm, help to retain sperm (link is external) and up-suck it into the cervix. This ultimately increases the likelihood of conception. The idea behind this is that female orgasm is another mechanism by which women can choose who they genetically combine with. An American study (link is external) suggests cunnilingus-assisted orgasms may actually be another way to help with sperm retention. Apparently, female orgasms that occur within 45 minutes of ejaculation help with retaining sperm.

#2. Symmetry is sexy
A physically symmetrical man is more likely than a non-symmetrical man to give a woman an orgasm (link is external). This follows on from the previous point. Although women can conceive without having an orgasm, it definitely helps (link is external). Symmetry indicates good genes. Men (and women) whose physical appearance is symmetrical (arms equal length, identical eyes etc.) have proven that they are able to withstand insults from the environment. The environment influences our development, and often in harmful ways. How much depends, to an extent, on our genetics. Think of the environment as an attacking army, and of your genetics as the shield you use to defend yourself. Symmetrical individuals are basically saying "My shield is so big and strong that you can’t hurt me." Physically asymmetrical individuals don’t have such a big "shield." A child whose father had a big "shield" is probably going to have a bigger ‘shield’ than someone whose father had a small "shield." Additionally, a study conducted in China found that female orgasm frequency increases when the male partner earns more (link is external).

#3. Women sometimes fake orgasms to win the devotion of their partners.
Everyone knows that women sometimes fake orgasms. Most of the time men don’t even know it (this might have something to do with the fact they are so caught up in their own experience). A recent American study (link is external) suggests that the female orgasm-fake may be a mate retention strategy. The study found that women who thought their partners might be playing around were more likely to report faking an orgasm. So in order to hang on to their man they pandered to his ego ("Honey, you’re so good in bed…").

#4. Major physiological changes take place during the female orgasm.
Don’t worry, all of these are temporary. During orgasm, the female hormonal profile changes quite markedly. The key change is the release of the hormone prolactin (also released during male orgasm.) Prolactin is secreted by the pituitary gland and has the primary function of helping with the production of milk (link is external). Additionally, the hormone oxytocin ("the love drug") is released when orgasms are achieved through clitoral stimulation. This hormone serves to regulate hormone level impairments caused by stress and/or menstruation. It also helps with child birth (link is external). A deficiency may lead to stress, obesity, and cognitive malfunctioning. In short, oxytocin is really good.

#5. Orgasms relieve pain
This might seem really obvious. There’s a reason that many doctors give out jelly beans to kids after they give them needles — in fact there are several, but one of them is as basic as "something good cancels out something bad." Positive stimuli also help to misdirect the person’s attention, helping them to forget about the bad thing that just happened. The benefits of orgasm are also physiological. Oxytocin also helps with bonding, relaxation and other emotional states. So if you have a headache, you may actually be better off having an orgasm than not having sex.

#6. Women can achieve orgasm WITHOUT ANY DIRECT STIMULATION!
This is not a myth. I guess most of us are familiar with the old cliché that "the most powerful sexual organ in the body is the brain." A lot of people undoubtedly subscribe to this idea. There is certainly a lot of truth in the statement that a big part of sex is psychological. For  many of us (male or female), if you’re not in the mood it’s just not going to happen. Physical activity though, would seem to play a crucial role in the achievement of any kind of orgasm. Often vigorous physical activity is necessary for at least one partner. However, many women say they can ‘think themselves to orgasm’ (link is external). Such claims have received scientific validation from researchers looking at the sexual responses of spinal-cord injury patients (link is external).

#7. Time is of the essence
In keeping with the idea that women don’t always (or often?) achieve orgasm through sex, recent research conducted in Canada found that sex (excluding foreplay) on average lasts between three and seven minutes ("Canadian and American Sex Therapists' Perceptions of Normal and Abnormal Ejaculatory Latencies: How Long Should Intercourse Last?"), but both men and women report that they want it to be longer (link is external). Well-known sex therapist Barry McCarthy (link is external) suggests that it's pretty rare for continuous penetrative intercourse to go for longer than about 12 minutes. This is unfortunate since some estimates say it takes between 10 and 20 minutes for women to climax. Many women report that when it does occur it can last for more than 20 seconds!

#8. Orgasms get better with age
There are many reasons to want to maintain your youth. Medically, a number of things start to decline and/or decay as we get older. Orgasm frequency, however, is not one of them, at least for women. A study done in the United States found that among women, although older age was associated with lubrication problems, the likelihood of orgasm actually increased! This may or may not be due to the fact that the size of the clitoris increases as women age (link is external). Mixing things up in the bedroom also helps. Unfortunately, guys are more likely to suffer from pain, erectile dysfunction, and decreased orgasm frequency as they age (link is external).

#9. Orgasms aren’t the be all and end all, and that’s ok
Women don’t always orgasm (see above). Intimacy and closeness are an important part of sex. Although on average women don't orgasm as frequently as men, women can achieve them in a number of ways. In addition to #6 above, women have reported experiencing an orgasm from stimulation of the breasts or mouth (and obviously the clitoris), and even during sleep (link is external). Evidence for the existence of the (strictly) vaginal orgasm however, is questionable (link is external).

#10. No one knows why women orgasm
This statement might seem like privileged male propaganda, but the fact is that there is no well agreed upon explanation for the female orgasm. Accounting for the male orgasm is fairly straightforward — ejaculation is necessary for reproduction — but conception can occur in the absence of the female orgasm. In addition to some of the explanations that have been discussed previously in this article, scientists have speculated that it might just be a by-product of the male and female anatomy being similar (men have nipples). Evidence from twin studies is inconsistent with this theory however (link is external).

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Go on Another Diet

1. Diets do not help you to maintain weight loss in the long-term.
The idea that people fail at diets because of a lack of willpower is a myth that is perpetuated by the diet industry. There are powerful biological factors at play, which essentially ensure that your attempt at dieting will fail . Traci Mann, a researcher who has studied dieting for over 20 years, found that there are metabolic, hormonal, and neurological changes that contribute to "diet failure."According to Mann, "When you are dieting, you actually become more likely to notice food ... But you don't just notice it-it actually begins to look more appetizing and tempting." Mann also stated that as you begin to lose weight, "the hormones that make you feel hungry increase" and "the hormones that help you feel full, or the level of those rather, decreases."Lastly, Mann explained that when you are dieting, "Your metabolism slows down. Your body uses calories in the most efficient way possible ... When your body finds a way to run itself on fewer calories there tends to be more left over, and those get stored as fat."Thus, it comes as no surprise that studies show that 95 percent of people will "fail" at diets. Most people can lose weight in the short-term, however over time the majority will regain the weight that they lost-and potentially gaineven more. Working to suppress your weight below your natural body weight is ultimately a fruitless effort and an utter waste of time. Even if you are in the 5 percent of people who can maintain a suppressed weight in the long-term, think about what you may be giving up in order to achieve this. After all, what good does it do to have "the ideal body," if you are sacrificing eating out, socializing with friends, and your interests outside of calorie-counting and obsessive exercise.

2. Weight loss is not the key to increased happiness.

As stated above, diets do not work if your aim is maintaining weight loss in the long-term. However, I have a problem with the very idea of weight loss as a goal. Tying your happiness to something external is a recipe for discontent.Andrea Bonior, a clinical psychologist, exemplified this point when she stated, "It's not the external achievement of some goal that's going to make us happy. You think that will automatically change your life in some meaningful  way, but it could be that your life pretty much remains the same."
For argument's sake, let's say that you had your "ideal body" and were supremely happy with your appearance. The reality of life is that our bodies will change as we age. Ultimately, putting all of your worth and value into your appearance is akin to boarding a sinking ship.Additionally, people want to be thin because of the meaning that they assign to it. There is a pervasive societal belief, which is the unspoken notion that we can control our world, our relationships, and our self-esteem, through our weight. It makes sense that in a world full of uncertainty, people would desire to focus on something tangible that they falsely believe they can control. However, weight set-point theory holds that your body will work to maintain its set-point weight range through powerful biological and psychological mechanisms. Further, we cannot control our external environment through our attempts at manipulating our weight. What if instead of trying to manipulate or control your weight, you focused on loving and accepting your body exactly as it is now?
Further, counting calories, obsessing about your body fat, and reading diet books, is likely taking time away from more meaningful pursuits. Think about all of the other passions that you could explore if you gave up the goal of weight loss. What if you poured all of the time, money, and energy that you spent on dieting into something that could actually make a difference in the world?

3. Losing weight will not make you healthier.

You can be considered overweight and be healthy. You can also be considered thin and be unhealthy. A person's weight is simply not a good barometer of their overall health.
According to an article in The Nutrition Journal by Dr. Linda Bacon and Lucy Aphramor, "Most epidemiological studiesfind that people who are overweight or moderately obese live at least as long as normal weight people, and often longer."

8 Keys to Healthy Relationships

1. Taking Interest: People in healthy relationships take interest in one another. This is usually done in a variety of ways from asking how someone is doing (and not just in the small-talk-passing-on-the-street kind of way), inviting them to do things, and asking deeper questions about how they experienced something rather than just what they did. 

2. Acceptance & Respect: This means accepting what we have come to know about the other person and continuing to treat him/her with respect. When we really get to know someone, we find out things that are not that great about them, and they find out the same about us. Continuing to hold the other person in a positive light (and you being held in a positive light too!), are essential practices in healthy relationships. Additionally, people in the happiest relationships also talk favorably about each other in social situations, and also try to honor the preferences the other person has for things. 

3. Positive Regard: People in healthy relationships tend to see negative things the other person has done as honest mistakes or due to difficult circumstances, and attribute positive things as the result of the other person just being a good person, due to hard work, or other positive character traits.

4. Meeting Basic Needs: The basic needs that everyone has in relationships are companionship, affection, and emotional support. People in healthy relationships are focused on meeting these as well as other special needs that the other person has, and they are willing to grow to be better at this. Read more about those basic relationship needs (link is external).

5. Positive Interactions: Research shows that relationships are the most satisfying when there are quantitatively more positive interactions with the other person than negative. For some relationships there may be a large number of negative interactions, but as long as the number of positive interactions is a lot higher, satisfaction will remain high. For more on this, learn some basics of communication (link is external)

6. Solve Problems: There are a lot of unsolvable problems in relationships that will continue to cycle through, regardless of solutions, and people in healthy relationships find ways to reduce these conflicts as much as possible. However, there are also a lot of problems that can be solved, and highly functioning couples will actively compromise and find solutions to those. 

7. Rupture & Repair: people in the the healthiest relationships are able to quickly and effectively repair damage (ruptures) to their relationships. This means a) recognizing that you or the other person is hurt, angry, or unhappy with something, and b) addressing it in a way that fixes things in a timely manner. Many people wait too long to initiate repairs, some try but make things worse because they aren't sure what to do, and others do not do it at all. A good repair usually starts with an apology, read How to Apologize (link is external), or bringing it up in a constructive way (read How to Say Hard Things (link is external)). 

8. Reciprocity: This means that both people in the relationship are working on this stuff. If only one person is taking an interest, accepting and respecting, giving the benefit of the doubt, meeting the others' needs, providing positive interactions, and repairing ruptures, then the relationship likely has larger problems that need to be explored.

8 Signs You are NOT Ready to Get Married

Unfortunately, nowadays we can find more divorce stories than romantic stories about marriage and love. One of the most obvious reasons why couples feel trapped or suffocated in their marriage and why marriages break is because they were not ready for it. There is nothing more frightening than tying the knot with a partner when you’re not ready.

Check out a few signs that you are not ready for marriage.

1. You are still not over your Ex

This is one of the signs you shouldn’t get married. If you are still not over your ex, it’s not the right time even for dating someone, not to mention marriage. Give yourself time to get over the past. Once you are, you’ll become wiser and stronger to get into new relationship.

2. You and your partner are not financially stable

Marriage is not only two people coming together to spend their whole life happy with each other. Entering into marriage is a big responsibility. If you and your partner are financially stable, your wedlock will be a day of celebration. If you are not, it will be a big financial drain. Moreover, expenses increase once you get married. It’s better to wait until you’re financially stable before getting married.

3. You want the wedding, not the marriage

A wedding is the inauguration or celebration of something beautiful and holy called wedlock. And while a wedding lasts only one day, marriage lasts for the rest of your life. So it is necessary to think more about your marriage than your wedding. Most women are obsessed with the wedding part, not the marriage part, and only after the celebration they realize what the marriage is all about.

4. You two are not sexually compatible

Many people think that sex is not a big deal, but it is very important, especially in a marriage. Sexual incompatibility can create serious problems in your relationship and lead to infidelity. No matter whether he is the best man in the world, and has the potential to be the best father and best husband, if the sex sucks, you’re going to regret marrying him.

5. You are not ready to be a parent

Sooner or later, parenthood follows a marriage. It is necessary to be both mentally and physically prepared to have children and be ready to look after them. Otherwise, if you have children later and are not prepared for it, it can ruin your relationship with your partner. Think twice before getting married. Will you be able to raise your kids with care and love when you have them?

6. You can’t stay faithful

Trust in marriage is one of the most significant parts of your commitment. Anything may be forgiven, except infidelity. Breaking your partner’s trust is probably the worst thing you can do to him, especially after you’re married him. If you feel the urge to cheat on your partner, then you’re either not with the right person or you’re not ready for marriage. Find out the reason before entering into marriage.

7. You just met him recently

It’s hard to judge a person when you just meet him. It takes time to understand a person. And marrying someone you barely know is like walking blindly on a bridge without edges. Even if you consider him to be Mr. Right, wait for a while, enjoy your dating phase and get to know him better. Once you’re done with all of this, you can think about marriage.

8. You are not in love anymore

Finally, if you don’t feel love for the person you’re planning to marry, then how are you going to love him for the rest of your life? Being married to a person you don’t love will not only make your life unhappy, but you’ll also never be able to keep your partner happy. Marry a person you really love.
I hope these signs will help you to take the right decision. Remember, being married should make you happy. And you should also be emotionally, mentally and physically ready for it.

7 Helpful Tips on How to Manage Jealousy

If you want to build a relationship with someone you love, sooner or later you’ll have to deal with jealousy. Sometimes you can even be happy to see that your partner is jealous, because that means he loves you very much and he doesn’t want to share you with someone else. Perhaps you are an extremely jealous person. Then you should certainly find efficient ways to settle down and manage your emotions. Otherwise your jealousy will only damage your relationship. That’s why you need to be reasonable and wise.

The tips below will help you to cope with your excessive jealousy.

1. You Should Be Reasonable

First of all, a person who is always jealous should try to clear up if there are any reasons for such behavior. Consider all the things that spark your jealousy. Maybe they are not worth being paid much attention to. You need some time to understand what the problem is. It may take you from a few hours to several days. Having discovered that your jealousy is not reasonable, you should note it down in order to recollect it next time when you can’t control your feelings.

2. Trust Your Man

Surely, you would be nervous and angry to see another girl flirting with your guy. I should say it is really an unpleasant situation. Some girls can be too active and even chase your boyfriend insistently. Though, that is not a reason for you to get upset. Try to focus on the positive side of this problem. It is great that your man attracts attention of others. Aren’t you happy to realize that you have a handsome and attractive guy? Bear in mind that just your trust will help you to build a strong and lasting relationship. It’s impossible to control your man all the time, so you should keep calm and trust him.

3. Identify Insecurities

In most cases our jealousy starts from insecurities. If you think that those women who surround your partner, either his colleagues or his friends, are more beautiful and slimmer than you, then the feeling of jealousy will drive you crazy. Whenever you feel jealous of some girl who is near your man, you should find out insecurities and concentrate on your strong points that make you a unique person. I would advise you to be more confident about yourself and never let your emotions prevail over common sense.

4. Forget the Past

When it comes to relationships with men, our previous experience may be useful for us, even if it was unpleasant and we have only bad memories about it. We should take into consideration certain mistakes that were made and not to repeat them in future. Nevertheless, when you meet with a new man and you really love him, you shouldn’t let your past influence your relationship with him. For example, if your ex has cheated on you, don’t be obsessed with thoughts that a new boyfriend can do the same. Actually, all people are different and not everyone behaves badly. The best way to be happy with your man is to let go of the past and enjoy what you have now.

5. Spend More Time Together

There are lots of couples that can’t spend much time together due to some circumstances. For instance, you may work away, study in another city or simply you have a job that requires a lot of time. Being unable to see each other often, young people start arguing. Usually jealousy is the main reason of their misunderstanding. In spite of all the work you have to do, try to spend more time with your sweetheart and appreciate every moment of your love and happiness. Undoubtedly, it will improve your relationship.

6. Ditch Social Media

Maybe it sounds a bit strange but for most people social media is the major source of jealousy. I have plenty of friends who always suspect their partners of communicating with others through social media. To avoid numerous problems and quarrels you’d better ditch social networks. By doing this you will definitely strengthen your relationship with the one you love. After all, there is a wide range of other ways to keep in touch with your friends and relatives.

7. Clarify the Situation

Stressful situations and misunderstanding are an indispensable part of every couple’s relationship. The point is how often these situations happen. If you frequently see that your guy behaves oddly and you can notice clear signs of cheating, it is necessary to discuss the problem with your partner and clear up its reasons. Possibly, there is no need for you to worry about his behavior and you will come to a common agreement. Clarifying the situation is a wonderful way to stop your jealousy. 

In conclusion I would like to say that jealousy is one of those factors that can ruin your relationship, especially if this feeling is uncontrolled. Thus, you should learn to manage your emotions and feelings. Remember that you should be patient and think thoroughly before you start arguing with your man.

7 Things to Do When You’re in Love with a Married Man

1. Get to know him better

There is such kind of men who will try to make relations even if they are married, usually, with the help of lies about unhappy marriage. You must understand that nothing will make them divorce, and even if they do, will it be possible for you to trust them? Don’t answer their “feelings”, and they might just switch to another woman and let you see who they really are.

2. Don’t dramatize the situation

This kind of relations happens in life quite often so there is no need to feel like your life is over. But it is not a Romeo and Juliet kind of forbidden love as well, and it is better to see the reality as it is. Try to amuse yourself, go out, meet different people and you might find just the right bachelor to match your idea of a perfect man.

3. Look on the bright side of the situation

You found an ideal man you always dreamt of, but unfortunately he is not single already. It makes you want to cry, but look on the bright side of the situation. Now you know what your man must be like. It is not the best easement, but it may help a little.

4. Don’t become “The Other Woman”

Sometimes you can find a guy who publicly acknowledges his marriage as fail, but don’t let him make you play along as you soon will find yourself accused in all the problems of his marriage and even got a reputation as a homewrecker. Just wait for him to settle his problems without you, and it might be of use.

5. He’s not an ideal man

You may think he is a prince Charming, but do you really know him that good? Everyone wants to make a good impression on the one he likes and this might be just the case. He may have habits you will not like when you get to know him better. You may find that any other guy is better, this one just unreachable what makes him more interesting to get. So why risk if you don’t even have an opportunity to know him good enough and can turn your attention to more suitable candidates?
Read also – 8 Signs You are NOT Ready to Get Married

6. Avoid intimate communication

Overly intimate communication is not the best thing you need. It can cause you unnecessary troubles and entangled situations. It usually looks as if you are doing nothing bad but don’t let him think you will do anything for him. It will be better for you and can make him respect you even more. Or perhaps, it can make him find another woman to cheat his wife with.

7. Look for a reason

If you fancy a married guy it is not a big problem, unless it is become a habit. But if it happens all the time you need to think of reasons of it. Why do you prefer married ones? Is it because of competition or do you need to prove something? Or, you just don’t want stable relations, and marriage of your men makes it easier?

10 Foods to Eat Every Day for Perfect Skin

Are you tired of using different expensive and ineffective beauty products? It’s time to throw away all those ineffective products and start eating foods for perfect skin. I went from terrible acne five months ago to not having acne now. It was hard, but it was possible, and less expensive than turning to pricey products. While some foods can aggravate your skin, others can enhance it. Check out a list of 10 foods to eat every day for perfect skin.

1. Red bell peppers

Red bell peppers
Red bell peppers are a tasty vegetable that can be enjoyed either cooked or raw. One red bell pepper contains more than 100% of your daily vitamin C needs. It also contains significant amounts of dietary fiber and vitamin B6. Moreover, it is rich in carotenoids that can help prevent wrinkles and increase blood circulation to your skin, helping it look more youthful. Due to their carotenoids, red bell peppers are also great to fight acne.
A red bell pepper is a perfect, low calorie snack that contains about 30 calories and has a really satisfying crunchy bite. Keep slices of red bell peppers in the fridge, so you will always have something healthy and tasty to reach for when you are having a snack attack. The fiber that a bell pepper contains will help you to feel full longer with very little calories. Plus, you will have a flawless skin!

2. Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate
This is one of my favorite foods to eat every day for perfect skin! Dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants, fatty acids and flavanols that promote glowing skin. The antioxidants in dark chocolate will help reduce roughness in your skin and protect it against sun damage. Moreover, cocoa relaxes arteries, increasing blood circulation that leads to healthier skin.
I usually buy cocoa powder or raw cacao for less fat. And if you like dark chocolate, eat your ounce of dark chocolate every day and make sure you choose at least 80% cacao content in order to avoid milk and added sugars found in a traditional chocolate bar.

3. Salmon

Salmon is an excellent food to fight stress, anxiety, and depression. Salmon also provides most of your daily vitamin D needs. And as you may already know, Vitamin D is responsible for keeping your heart, bones, colon and brain healthy. It also helps prevent colon cancer, anxiety, depression, heart disease and bone disease.
Salmon is also rich in omega-3 fatty acids that are excellent for fighting inflammation, wrinkles and acne. Its high omega-3 content also helps hydrate your skin from the inside out. Moreover, eating salmon keeps your scalp hydrated and promotes strong, healthy hair.

4. Coconut oil

Coconut oil
Coconut oil is one of the richest sources of saturated fat with about 90 percent of calories as saturated fat. It contains lauric acid, a powerful antibacterial and antiviral agent that keeps away viruses, infections, inflammation and acne. Coconut oil is also rich in essential fatty acids and Vitamin E, which are perfect for keeping your skin moist, soft, and wrinkle-free.
I use coconut oil as a body cream and consume 1 tbsp. of raw coconut oil every day. Coconut oil is especially good for your thyroid. Plus, there’s considerable evidence that this oil can help lose weight. So many health benefits, don’t you think?

5. Green tea

Green tea
Well, so I know green tea is actually a beverage, but tea leaves come from a plant! Even though I love black tea, I drink green tea every day because I know that it is a great source of antioxidants and a unique amino acid, L-theanine that helps relax your body and lower stress.
When the tea is hot, the bionic brew releases catechins, a kind of antioxidant with proven anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties. Green tea may also reduce your risk of developing high blood pressure. Drink 3 or more cups of tea every day for better results.

6. Spinach

Spinach is a healthy and nutrient-rich food you should certainly include in your everyday diet. You may hate spinach, but it is a wonderful source of iron, folate, chlorophyll, Vitamin E, magnesium, Vitamin A, fiber, plant protein, and Vitamin C. Due to their antioxidant abilities, Vitamins C, E, and A are especially great for your skin.
Spinach contains antioxidants that fight against all types of skin problems. Add it to your everyday diet and see what happens. By eating spinach, you’re just cleaning your skin from the inside out!

7. Seeds

Chia seeds, hemp seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and flax seeds are all great for your skin. Pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds are both rich in selenium, Vitamin E, magnesium and protein. Selenium and protein keep all wrinkles away, Vitamin E enhances moisture in your skin and magnesium lowers your stress levels. The healthy Omega 3 fatty acids in flax, chia and hemp seeds are perfect for fighting wrinkles and acne. Plus, these seeds are rich in protein.
Just sprinkle seeds right on top of your salad or oatmeal and enjoy the great taste as well as perfect skin. I like to add seeds to a fruit yogurt, I think it tastes even better. I also add raw pumpkin seeds in my oh-so delicious smoothies.

8. Celery

Another food to eat daily for perfect skin is celery. Many of us underestimate this veggie, but celery contains Vitamin K that keeps the blood circulation healthy and helps to reduce high blood pressure. This can reduce your stress level, and as you know stress can cause bad skin, migraines and even cancer.
Celery also contains natural sodium, potassium and water, and can help to prevent dehydration. I hope you know that dehydrated skin means dryness, flaking, wrinkles, and even breakouts. Make sure you consume celery every day or at least every other day. If you are counting calories, don’t worry, celery is very low in calories!

9. Papaya {Paw Paw}

Papaya is a wonderful fruit which has a rich history and numerous nutritional benefits. It is very low in calories (only 39 calories per 100 g!) and also contains no cholesterol. So if you are trying to lose weight, consider eating papaya every day to maximize its health benefits.
A great beauty food, papaya is low in fructose and is excellent for digestion! The antioxidant nutrients found in it, including Vitamins C and E and beta-carotene, are great at reducing inflammation and acne. Moreover, Vitamin C may also protect your skin against sun damage.

10. Carrots

Carrots are good not only for your eyes, but also for your skin. They are especially good for clearing up breakouts. Carrots are rich in vitamin A and they help prevent the overproduction of cells in the outer layer of the skin. That’s where excess sebum combines with dead cells and clogs pores.
Another great reason to snack on some carrots is because Vitamin A reduces the development of skin-cancer cells. So make sure you nibble on a half-cup of baby carrots every day for perfect skin. I love carrots and I think they make a great snack.
You don’t have to eat all these foods every day, but even some of them would be great! Be sure to avoid junk foods, too much sugar, trans fats and refined carbs for the best skin possible.

Choose the one you like and think is available..

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All of us have a few bad habits that we don’t realize. Sometimes, these habits could be silly or cute.
But at most other times, these subconscious bad habits could end up hurting you or distancing you from the one you love.

When you fall in love with someone, you can’t see their bad habits, at least not until you’re past the stage of infatuation. And likewise, your partner won’t see the bad in you because they’re so smitten by you and your love for them. But once the rose tinted veil of infatuation sweeps past your eyes, it’s only then that the nagging habits start to reveal themselves.

See these bad habits to know if you’re hurting your lover without realizing it.

Do you constantly like having things your way? It could be as silly as watching a genre of movies you enjoy or going out to places that you like. Your partner may find your tantrums cute to begin with, but if you always want things your own way, there will come a time very soon when your partner would snap and just hate everything you like because they’re so sick of it!

Do you choose to ignore your partner instead of talking about something that’s hurt you? You’re not alone. Many men and women would rather sit down in the corner and stare at the ceiling than answer their partner when they’re annoyed for some reason. Never do that because you’d only end up hurting your partner, make them feel miserable, and hate you at the same time.

Avoiding discussions, especially if it’s stressful may seem like the easy thing to do at a particular moment. But stuffing all the difficult conversations in some dark corner will only leave you more stressed, and leave your partner frustrated and angry. As difficult as a particular decision or a relationship conversation may be, you can solve it only by talking about it with your lover. Remember, every journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

For the silliest of reasons! And you just can’t help yourself. You may be lying to your partner because you’re afraid of their temper, or because you don’t want to appear weak in front of them. The reasons could be several, but the end result is almost always the same. Lies affect relationships negatively, and will lead to loss of trust. Stop lying and learn to confront the truth, you’ll have a much better life.

Don’t yell at your partner or humiliate them in public or when someone else is around. Your frustrations may be valid and you may have every good reason to accuse your partner of something, or walk away from them. But ridiculing your partner or hurting them in public will do a lot of damage to their ego, and that’s something that won’t heal very soon.

You know your partner’s sweet and caring. And you love them for it. But do you remember to appreciate your partner and thank them for all the little things they do, be it finding your keys or opening the doors for you? You may think it’s silly to constantly thank your partner for every little thing they do. But chances are, you may start taking these sweet gestures for granted even before you realize it, and they’d turn into expectations instead!

You intentionally make big demands or throw tantrums just to see if your partner cares enough to go the extra mile for you. These petty tests are rather common at the start of a new relationship when you’d want your lover to prove their love for you, but don’t carry this habit into the later stages of love or your constant games and tests would annoy your lover.

You try really hard to please your partner, but you get really upset when your partner doesn’t realize you’ve done something for them. And yet, you continue to do nice things for them all the time *which they take for granted* and eventually turn into a relationship martyr. If your partner takes you for granted, talk to them about it. Bottling your rage or sadness will not help you. Perhaps, your partner didn’t even realize that you’ve done something sweet for them. Communicate and express yourself now and then, and stop trying to be a helpless people pleaser.
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10 Things That Will End A Relationship Before It Begins.

Sometimes we destroy them before they even come to be. We’re just so excited about this new person, this new prospect, that we just want to jump to the end where everyone is happy and in love. And in doing that, we ruin the whole thing. If this hasn’t happened to you yet, keep doing what you’re doing and avoid doing these things. And to those who have done one, or some, or all of these things — I feel you. I really do.

Here are 10 things that will end a relationship before it begins:

(1): Falling too hard, too fast — and telling It OuT: And sometimes you later realize that you weren’t actually in love — you just really wanted to be. It’s okay to fall in love, but don’t say anything until you’re sure that’s what you’re really feeling, and wait a little bit. Don’t rush these great times, these beginning stages where you get to know someone and sometimes you can’t even look at them directly because they’re so goddamn cute.
Stop, take a deep breath, and enjoy it.

2. Worrying about the future
“Are we going to last? Is this the person I’m going to marry? Will my parents like them? Will they like my parents? ,this could eventually change ur views on something u hav not even tested..And sometimes you get all negative about it because u feel alot is gonna go wrong in the future(when you have not even started anything).

3. Over analyzing everything: 
Texting has ruined a lot about dating. We’re so careful now about what we text and when we want to describe to our friends how our interactions with dudes go, we simply copy/paste the text to every friend. And usually, each friend comes back with an entirely different interpretation. And it’s a mess. And you’ll start to think of all the little things that happened that you know aren’t important, but now that you’re spiraling into this insecure place, you’re telling your friend, “He took me to a casual restaurant without waiters, he’s totally not into me, is he?” THIS GETS YOU NOWHERE, STOP.

4. Having “the relationship talk” WAY too soon:
Oh God nothing kills the relationship like talking about the relationship. It makes sense if you’ve been together for a few months and you want to know if you’re going to be exclusive, and how do you feel about what we have going on here, and so forth. But if you’ve been on 2 dates and you’re having this talk, it’s going to end badly.

5. Being too familiar and too intimate (in a non-sexy way)
I know it’s exciting at the thought of meeting his/her friends and/or family, but it’s a little weird if you try to force it. If you ask him, “How’s your sis, Naomie?” when he/she hasn’t even mentioned his/her, but you know she exists because you saw her on Facebook. That throws people off. And by being too intimate, I mean, doing bf/gf-y things when you’ve only gone on 1 date. On your second date, if you jump into his arms and call him pet names and stuffs lik dat.Its not appropriate.

6. Making or planning big events or trips too far ahead
It’s like you’re challenging the universe to break you up. Oh, your cousin’s getting married in about a year? Better let them know that even though you just met this dude last week and he seems cool, you’re gonna need a plus one.

7:Asking them almost every day what their plans are and if they’d like to hang out/go out:
Its cool to want to knw,but hey Give em some space, Relationships get broken up because of this reasons,and you are not yet in the relationship  and you are already acting this way???? Hey stop it..its a big turn-off..

8. Getting caught Facebook stalking them or their ex: 
We all do it, just don’t get caught. If you do, it’s nearly impossible to get over. They have to have a really good sense of humor, and you have to be breezy about it. But for some people, this can end it immediately. To them, it suggests that you’re insecure.

9. Texting or calling too frequently:Hey its not cool,its a no-go, , I’m not asking you to shut it down. I’m asking you to take a moment and think, “Do I really need to text this?” Is it to confirm plans? Go for it. Are you sharing an inside joke? Go for it. Are you telling them you had a great time? Go for it. But do not go for it every day. And do not text things that won’t go anywhere. Things like, “Hey! What’s up?” “Oh, nothing, you?” “Just chilling.” “Cool.” I mean come on, what is anyone supposed to do with that? And if you do that several times a day, it gets really annoying, really fast.

10. Being available all the time
If you’re available a lot, that’s fine. But don’t let anyone know that. You want people (and not just people you want to date and have sexy times with) to think that you’ve got a life full of important and fabulous things to do. And if you’ve got too much time on your hands, then find something to do. Clean your apartment. Make plans to see that friend you haven’t seen in years — and actually do it. Make your own schedule.

I hope you learned from this.
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Ladies love men that are bold and not afraid of saying what's on their mind,and most ladies feel its wrong to tell a guy how they feel,the truth is! You can't get his attention by just sitting if you really like him.

So, if u ever feel that way about someone ,here are a few tips on how to tell him/her.

1.Get to know your crush enough so that he/she knows you exist.Carry conversations with them every now and then.

2.Get to know his/her interests.Sharing common ground allows him/her to see that you're open to their ideas. Be sure not to insult their interests unless it's in a teasing way (don't be harsh!).

3.Casually flirt with him/her.When you feel comfortable, remember to smile

4. Remember that looking approachable is essential: Dress nice and smell good. Be sure to wear something you feel is comfortable. If you know their favourite smell or colour, be sure to wear that. Good hygiene is also a must. Would you like to date someone with smelly armpits?

5. Be yourself:
If you're a funny person, use that to your advantage! If you're a big sports fan and you know they are as well, all the better. Share those common interests and use them to your advantage.

6. Just tell him/her: Sometimes it's better to just let your crush know you like them by telling them how you feel. Just ask them out! The worst they can most likely do is say no.

7. Don't get crushed by a crush.Sometimes it just isn't meant to be. But stay positive and remember that there are plenty of fish in the sea!
And while flirting here are a few tips to keep you goin.

* Eye contact is essential. Don't stare at your feet or shyly stare behind them!

**Whenever you see him/her, it's important to smile and greet them.

*** Smile frequently(not too much because it could seem creepy!).

****Always look your best! Girls: Of course, don't wear too much make up/scents as some men find it unattractive.

***** If he/she passes you in the hall, it's important to take note of their next class. If a friend has the same class, casually talk to them and include your crush in the conversation.


Story of A Broken heart

I knew this day would come. It’d been a long time coming. I saw it as clear as the sun in the blue skies, but I had chosen to turn a blind eye. I refused to acknowledge what was in front of me…staring me in the face. Not sure when it all began really, but the signs had been there. I’d ignored it for so long, the lines between my reality and make believe world had blended nicely. I was wrapped in a cocoon of falsehood choosing to lay there content, afraid of being a butterfly and flying away. I was afraid my wings would be too fragile to carry me away from this nightmare that had become my life.

I realised a little too late that he had always been this way even when we just met. Mean, abusive and demanding, but oh so subtly. Loving with one hand and killing with the other. Bode, my lover, my enemy.

I hated him. I hated that I loved him so. I hated what he did to me.

His charm had swept me off my feet; I was enamoured, held captive by his sweet words and boyish charms. Those eyes that made me drown in their depths and his sense of humour. For a very long time I lived in a bubble, a fantasy, Bode could do no wrong in my eyes. Apparently, other people saw what I couldn’t see and told me to be careful. I looked at some of them like they were crazy and the others like they had pure undiluted envy flowing through their veins. I’d found happiness and they weren’t happy for me. Bode! Bode?

How could I have known? I was young and naïve. He was a bit older, I didn’t mind. It just made him more attractive to me. Elegant and suave, I was proud to tell anyone who would have cared to listen just how perfect he was.

At first it was the temper tantrums and unnecessary demands. It seemed odd to me, Bode didn’t get angry or did he? I lied to myself. I’d lied to myself for a long time; I couldn’t separate truth from lie anymore. I told myself it was the pressure at work making him act that way, then came the verbal abuses, I was called all kinds of names, mean nasty names, I’d break down in tears and he’d come cooing sweet nothings about how sorry he was. It was a bitter-sweet love-hate relationship. And then he changed.

He became the Bode I knew once again, charming and loving. This went on just for a short while until the something I must have done obviously flipped the switch again. Or so he said. The first slap came not quite too long after, and things just spiraled out of control. I was still in denial, praying and hoping that the Bode I knew would surface. I didn’t recognize this monster. No, this wasn’t my Bode.

It wasn’t until I was it the hospital, treating multiple bruises and a fractured collar bone , having undergone minor surgery to right a tooth that had twisted unnaturally did the scales fall from my eyes. I woke up to see my friend looking down at me with tears in her eyes, thanking God that I didn’t die, begging me to never go back to him, it was a good thing we weren’t married.

She didn’t need to. My mind was made up, I’d lost my faith somewhere along the line, forgotten what it was like to pray. I was broken on the inside as much as on the outside. Pain had become my friend; I welcomed it with both arms wide open. I was lucky to be alive. I shut my eyes and for the first time in a long while I muttered a word of prayer, I wondered if God heard me. I pray he did; at this point all I needed was a miracle.

Signs To Help You Know If A Girl Have A Crush On You

Understanding women does require a special tech. In this article i shall point out a few signs to show a lady is in love....If u see this signs do not hesitate to express your feelings towards her.. SIGNALS TO WATCH OUT FOR:. . .

 She gives you attention just like a mother toward her child It is natural that every woman has motherly affection. Therefore, when she falls in love, this kind of maternal behavior will arise unconsciously. Do not be surprised if she suddenly becomes very concerned, even nags you with a lot of small things. She may suddenly feel uneasy to see the stains on your clothes, or feel worried when you are eating too much junk food. Try to respond her attention with gratitude. Do things that she suggests to show that you take her advice seriously. Give her little compliment and by saying, "Wow, you could be a good mother." or such. Observe her reaction, and be ready to confess your feelings if you see that she looks happy because of your compliment..

Notice the intensity of her eye contact Women who are in love will try to steal a glance at your eyes. In some cases for a shy woman, her face will turn red and abruptly turned away when you realize that she was watching over your face. Try also to look at her straight in the eyes when conversing. If you feel there is some kinds of electricity that goes behind your back while looking into her eyes, it is most likely that the chemistry between two of you has been established. It's just a matter of time to confess your feeling toward her at the right moment.

She looks happy when she is with you A woman would show a bright facial expression when she is with her loved ones. Just try to observe her eyes, smile, and her gestures. If she looks more cheerful and her eyes shine brighter it is likely a sign that she enjoys to be at your side. Note also if she talks and laughs a lot, it can be a significant sign that she loves you. When she is sad or depressed, try to approach and cheer her. If you notice that her expression suddenly becomes brighter, it is likely that you are the man who is expected by her.

 She tries to impress you physically by dressing better Note also the style of her dress and hair. If you realize that a woman tries hard to impress you with their dresses, hairstyle, accessories, and her physical attractions, it is likely she wants to get your attention. Not just dresses, you can also observe on the use of make-up as well as the length of time she needs to prepare herself before meeting you. If you are aware of this fact, do not miss the opportunity to compliment her looks. Give compliment to her dresses, her make-up, or her new hair style. Make her feels that her effort to impress you is paid-off. This kind of behavior also makes her realize that you give special attention toward her.

She shows some interest toward you hobby and favorite activities You might encounter a situation when suddenly a woman starts to listen to the songs that you like or ask a lot of questions about your hobbies. She also asks you to be involved in your favorite activities and happily shows enthusiasm towards them. Be cautious boys, this might be a sign that she is in love with you. If a woman suddenly shows interest in the game that you play, your favorite TV shows, or activity that you usually do, it is likely that she wants to spend some time with you. It also a sign that she wants to be involved in your life and want to know you more personally by doing those activities.

She takes the initiative to start a conversation Usually under a normal conditions, men is the one who takes the initiative in a conversation. They do it by asking numerous polite questions and raised a particular topic as the theme of conversation. If you suddenly feel that she is more "aggressive" than usual in a conversation, it is possible that she develops an interest towards you. A woman who is in love would continue to spend a lot of time talking to you. They want to be in the conversation as long as possible.

Therefore, when the conversation stops, she will try to find a new topic so that both of you can continue talking.
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Foods That Enhances Your Libido!

A lot of Nigerian men are having problems with lasting longer. It is also true that some have been able to hold themselves for long with the natural products that are on sale on this blog.

However, there are times that even after you have mastered the art of lasting longer, your ability to last longer starts to deteriorate. Some of the reasons for this may be from loss of essential nutrients in the body that helps libido.

According to a medical record, it says that when the brain is deficient with some chemicals, your sex drive is highly affected, however, if you increase the intake of some of these nutrients, you will improve your sex drive and be able to balance the brain chemistry.

Here are the various deficiencies that can affect your sex drive and how to deal or cure then naturally.

1. Lack of Libido
When you have low libido, you may be lacking the brain chemical called Dopamine. To get more supply of Dopamine, you need to eat lean proteins that can be found in foods like eggs, beans, fish, diary products, etc.
2. Arousal Problems
If you are having problem with arousal or lubrication, you may lack the brain chemical called Acetylcholine. To get adequate supply of this chemical from foods, you need to eat legumes, eggs, and whole grains.
3. Orgasm Problems
If you’re unable to achieve orgasm, it could be that your brain chemical Amino-butyric acid may be unbalanced. To fix this problem eat foods rich in fibers, like whole grain foods like brown rice, cereals, oats, millet, etc
Other Sex Boosting Foods Are
Examples are Cashew, Peanuts (Groundnuts), Almonds, Walnuts. In fact, these food group are responsible for the essential fatty acids that helps keep the brain alert. Almonds particularly is known to arouse passion in women, whereas other nuts are known to boost testosterone, male fertility sex cell.
According to a doctor, apples contain a chemical that gives one a natural feeling of excitement and well-being, and this helps in stimulating the mind for sex activities.
This fine fruit contains Vitamin B6 which helps to increase testosterone and potassium levels, and this also regulates the thyroids which boosts libido.
Fish are known to contain Omega 3 fatty acids which allows the free flow of blood because of prevention of plaques along the walls of the arteries.
Other Aphrodisaic foods are:
  • Garlic
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Pumpkin Leaves
  • Lobsters
  • Shrimps
  • Crustaceans
  • Oyster
  • A little wine
  • Chicken Breasts
  • Olive oil
  • Bananas
  • Grapes
  • etc
If you have used the information in the Last Longer Guide here, and you are still have problems with your libido, it could be that your body needs an extra supply of the natural chemicals present in the foods above.

Just start eating them for the next 2 months or more and you will see significant changes. However, if after trying these and you see no result, it could be a serious health problem. At this point, I will ask that you see your doctor for recommendation of a possible solution.

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