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How to Get Your WomanTo Initiate Sex

In this article, we are going to discuss how to make your lady initiate sex ( Making her make the first sex move). I know most guys would be very interested in this.

If i may ask, do you know why it is not common for a woman to initiate sex even after marriage? The reason is women are created to be lead by a man, biologically, and culturally, it’s always a man’s role to lead the woman and the women are aware of this.
Beside, a woman who takes the initiative to talk to a guy she is interested in is seen as “spoilt” and promiscious by the society at large. That is why women don’t take that step even if she is secretly dying to speak to a man. She can only give signs.
So when you expect a woman to take the first step on romance, you are advising her against her deeply held beliefs of what is against the norm.

Do you think it would be easy for her?
Beside that, women are generally sex shy. If she doesn’t initiate sex doesn’t mean she doesn’t want it. However, few women can do that if they are comfortable with their mates.
In this article, I’m going to show you proven ways that have worked for many men on how to get their women to take that first step and initiate sex with their husbands.

Things That Increase Your Wive’s Chances of Initiating Sex are:

Help Out In Domestic Chores
In most homes, women are responsible for house keeping, and that includes, washing the plates, cooking the meals, getting the children ready for school, taking them to school, washing the husbands cloths and hers, cleaning the house etc.

At the end of the day, sex may be the last thing on a woman’s mind. To lessen this workload, the man should help the woman whenever he is in the house. For instance, if the man is around on weekends, it’s time to help the wife to do some dishes or even offer to prepare the meal for that day.

This will make the woman happy and give her enough time to appreciate the husband. Some of the ways the woman demonstrates appreciation for the man is by rewarding him with sex and when that happens, she usually intiates it.

Be Romantic
Women are emotional creatures, as a result, they want to be romaced, caress instead of having sex. Create an environment that will warant romance. You could write her a love letter and ask her to open it and read before you.
Most marriages do not have romance any longer, all the man wants is sex. However sex comes easily to the woman when her mind has been romanced all day. You can do this by texting her while at your place of work. Tell her sweet things and that you can not do without her.

Buy Her Gifts
When was the last time you bought your wife a gift? Women appreciates a man who understands their needs. For starters, you can find out the size of your wive’s bra, the size of her shoes, the type of hand bags she likes and buy them at different times.
Other things you can do to make her happy is to get her foods she likes, like buying “suya”, roasted chicken, or even chocolates.

I guess you remember that you were doing these things when you started dating her. Why not start all over and do those same things you did when you started going out for the first time. You see what makes a woman initiate sex most time is when she is happy. When you make a woman very happy, without you asking, she will come to you as a reward.

Help Her To Enjoy Sex Every Time
Women are different from men. Statistics have shown that most women have not reached orgasm in their marriages. Others have reached few times in the many years they have been married. Truth is most women do not know how to teach a man to give them orgasm.
To make matters worse, most men don’t have the knowledge on how to fully satisfy their women. If you are a man, you need to learn all the ways to give a woman a mind blowing orgasm. If you don’t know how to satisfy your woman, you can get a copy of the Female Orgasm Secrets here to help you.

Using that same secrets, I have personally been able to make my girl addicted to me as she enjoys sex with me every time. In fact even when I’m tired, she initiates sex and being a man, I don’t say no.

In the same vein, when you surprise a woman with your ability to give her an unforgettable experience of sex, she will become an Oliver Twist, and will be coming back to you for more.

Be Adventurous
Most times a husband and his wife have sex in the bedroom. Why not be more adventurous. You can take her by surprise and do it in the kitchen, dinning table or even while you are having your bath.

Other ways to be adventurous is to take her out and spend the night in a decent hotel. Order foods, watch films together in a different environment and at the end of the day, you can make love. In these cases, when a woman is happy with the way you have treated her she is more likely to be the one to give you signs that she wants sex.

Well, there are still other things a man can do to get his woman to think about sex and initiate it, but that will be reserved for a future article. For now, go home and try these tips and I believe you will finally be able to get your woman to make love to you at some point in time.

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