Sunday, 19 January 2014

What To Do When Your Wife Is Disrespectful

There are two things in life that can make a man or break him.
The first is his choice of a wife. The second is his Job. Your choice in marriage can determine your happiness and how long you stand to live on earth.
Today we are going to focus on the difficulties that may arise at home when a man marries a wife that suddenly becomes disrespectful.

But first let’s talk about the prospect of living with a wife that is very respectful and deeply loves her husband.

If you have a woman you truly love and who does the same for you, your marriage becomes a bliss. You always look forward to going home to see your wife and child(ren).
And when you are going home, you get some gifts for your wife and the kids. As soon as you are home, your wife receives you with a warm embrace, plants a kiss on your lips and usher you to the bathroom to wash off the days’ ‘stickiness’. When you finish with your bath, a delicious meal is already waiting for you at the dinning table.
You finish consuming your Dinner with your wife and kid(s), you spent some time with your family watching TV and playing with them. Shortly, thereafter, you go to bed and your wife gives you a passionate and very intimate time in bed.
Feeling refreshed and full of life the next morning, you kiss your wife and kid(s) goodbye and go to work. It repeats itself every day.

And yes, there are certain times you may have a misunderstanding with your wife, but when it happens, it is resolved amicably and without a fight and without your kid(s) knowing you even have some problems.
Now why would you ALWAYS rush home from work everyday to meet your family? The answer is simple; Because your wife makes you happy.
This is a marriage many people are enjoying today.
However, what if you have a disrespectful wife who you find difficult to control, how do you handle her?
For instance, let’s say you are a young man married with a kid. Whenever you spend some time at home, you find out that your wife is always nagging, and quarrels with you over petty things. In fact she even insult you sometime and tries to dictate everything you do even with your own money. To worsen it, she doesn’t like your family and friends.
If you have a marriage like that or something similar, then it’s time to work seriously on the marriage.
I will never advise a divorce for any troubled marriage except on the ground of adultery. Hence the root cause of the problem must be identified so that it can be attacked headlong.
Here is my possible advice for such a problem with a disrespectful wife.

1. Try to get your wife to talk to you so you can list down all the complaints she has against you.
2. Find out if there are areas you have been failing as a husband.

On the first note, when you list down her complaints, do not make any of her complaints trivial, take them serious. Ask yourself, “Why would my wife be so angry and hurt by this issue?” Try to understand her reasons for behaving in a certain way and be open minded when you do so.
If she is the type that do not like your family and friends, try to find out from her what/why exactly she doesn’t feel happy seeing them. Could it be that she is retaliating to a treatment received from these people, you need to find out.

Sometimes, a woman’s behavior  in the area of the man’s family may be when she feels the family of the man is having more influence over her marriage than she is, and this can be attributed to the man when he starts taking and heeding the advice of his mother or any of his relative in the marriage.
As a man, you should understand that once you are married, your responsibility falls in your own family and you have to satisfy your wife. The needs of your relatives becomes secondary. That is why the Bible says that a man and wife are one – closer than the parents of the man and wife.
Secondly, find out if there are areas you have been inadvertently failing as a man. The best way to do this is by asking your wife. Create a friendly atmosphere to allow your wife discuss the issue no matter how embarrassing it may be, let her say her mind.

I guess the secret to having a successful marriage is frequent communication, bringing every nuances and misunderstanding to the marriage table everyday and resolving them without wasting time.
Truth is, a woman’s emotion is difficult, but if you understand them, you will have a wonderful marriage. That is why a friend of mine describes a W.I.F.E as meaning (Why Isn’t Forever Easy). Marriage can be a haven of joy and peace, but there are other factors that could contribute to a healthy relationship between a man and his wife. Here they are:
Same religion
Having the same budget
Congruent goals and plans
Creating time for relaxation and vacations
Making out time to spend with each other weekly.

If you are married, using the tips above will help you to have a measure of success in your marriage.

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