Saturday, 27 July 2013

How to look sexy and slim by swimming

In this article I am going to guide you on how to loose weight by swimming regularly. To lose at least 20 pounds, you have to be swimming regularly everyday. It doesn’t end in regular swimming, you have you must increase your speed and distance so that your body work out.

Swimming is a very fast way of loosing weight, do you know why? “it is because swimming works out every muscle in your body, and it also helps you keep fit”.

However you have to be aware that if you just enter a pool and paddle for 20mins or even more and come out without swimming you can never loose weight.  You have to swim far so that you can loose a good amount of calories.


Swimming in a pool has more advantage to when you swim in a lake or river. When you swim in a pool, you can time the lap or distance you have covered. But when you swim in a lake or river you can hardly do that. And sometimes there are dangerous objects in a river.

I discovered that some people find them selves extremely hungry after they finish swimming. That  is a good sign that your body system is working out. So my advice to such people is that they should eat less anytime they are hungry after swimming, they could eat smaller quantity of what they used to eat before. When they do that their body metabolism would increase rapidly.

How long it would take for you to loose weight depends on how hard you work in the swimming pool. If you are the kind of swimmer that swims steady for hours and covers a long distance, be sure to loose weight rapidly. Then if you are the type that does not swim for a long time and does not cover much distance you would be loosing weight gradually.
So my friends, working hard in the swimming pool is a fast way to loose weight by swimming. Swim always, even when you are tired continues swimming.

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