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Before you buy the latest anti-aging skin
cream or conditioning hair product, consider
this: Your diet plays a key role in how you

In other words, if you're not taking care of
yourself on the inside -- drinking enough
water and eating healthy foods -- all the
expensive beauty products and makeup in the
world won't stop you from looking pale and
exhausted on the outside.

Michele Pavia, wellness expert and author of
Lose Your F in Attitude , explains how by
simply including the five following foods in a
well-balanced diet, we can look radiant and
gorgeous from the inside out:

"... Makeup gives an illusion not so much of
beauty but of health. A healthy complexion
with plump lips is healthy. A sallow
complexion with dehydrated and pale lips can
mean anemia or an underlying condition or
disease; or, simply a poor diet. So, you see
that what we eat can actually help us be
more healthy looking; and healthy looking is
the key to beauty."

In other words, you know the old saying,
"You are what you eat"? That most certainly
applies to these five beautifying wonder
foods ...

1. Raisins
Beauty benefits: Radiant, healthy skin;
reduced eye squinting; increased eye sparkle.
Why it makes you look good: Loaded with
potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, and
iron, raisins help with body balance and
boost blood health. They also are packed
with photonutrients, which help fight germs,
bacteria, and viruses -- thus causing your
body to look more vibrant and strong.
Raisins give the body energy and vitality and
help in relieving toxins.
Recommended amount per week: A handful
or more every other day. Keep a box in your
purse for a convenient, naturally sweet

2. Tomatoes
Beauty benefits: Rejuvenated, younger-
looking skin; shiny hair.
Why it makes you look good : Tomatoes are
packed with antioxidants that flush free
radicals away and help you keep a youthful
appearance. One serving has a huge helping
of vitamin C, which aids in detoxing and
immunity function.

Recommended amount per week: Every other
day. In a sauce, on a pizza, plain ... there is
no wrong way to get this food. It only takes
a few tablespoons to give you optimal
benefit, so have your sauce without guilt! You
can even slather it on your skin to relieve
sunburns, or comb through your hair to add

3. Peanuts
Beauty benefits: Muscle tone; healthy skin;
strong hair and nails; good posture.
Why it makes you look good: Peanuts are
packed with protein, which gives you strong
and healthy hair and nails; plus, it's a boost
for skin tone and muscle tone. Rich in
calcium, they help bone health, which shows
in how you carry yourself: Strong bones and
standing tall are a beautiful asset. Peanuts
also have fiber; so you'll notice that you
eliminate a bit more and that is great for
skin health.

Recommended amount per week: Every other
day or three times a week (provided you
don't have a peanut allergy).

4. Onions
Beauty benefits: Healthy-looking skin, hair,
eyes, and teeth.
Why it makes you look good: The sulfides and
chromium in onions help to boost the
immune system and heart health, as well as
act as an antibacterial and detox trigger.
Onions also help the person to lose unwanted
water weight gently, thus eliminating bloating
as well.
Recommended amount per week: A few
slivers every other day.

5. Potatoes
Beauty benefits: Reduced wrinkles; strong,
energetic body.
Why it makes you look good: Potatoes have
vitamin C, potassium, manganese, B6,
copper, tryptophan, and fiber -- all of which
are great to calm you down and relieve joint
health. Having healthy nerves and joint
health not only help you feel better, but
you'll walk and talk differently than if you're
in pain or stressed. In fact, eat a potato and
you'll be walking and acting like a carefree

Recommended amount per week: Potatoes
can be eaten almost daily.
If you happen to fall short of the weekly
recommendations once in a while, don't
sweat it. Just chug a couple extra glasses of
water and you'll be feeling young and
beautiful in no time.

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