Saturday, 10 August 2013


Sort out your diet . It is one of the
most important components of a fit
lifestyle. Many people ignore it, but
if you exercise and eat lots of junk
food you will not get any fitter.
This is because the junk food turns
to fat almost immediately and
exercising only gets rid of that fat,
so you are effectively going
nowhere. First of all, get rid of any
junk food. This includes chocolate,
sweets, crisps and most
importantly fast food. Lots of
people have no idea how bad fast
food is for them. It leads to
significant weight gain and even
depression in just 30 days. So cut
out the junk. You should have a
balanced diet. Eat salads,
vegetables, fruit and lots of
chicken, which are high in protein.
You should try to eat
potatoes,pasta and bananas, since
they offer large amounts of energy
over a long period of time. Try and
make out a table for each week,
adding new healthy food which you
can easily find in most health food
shops. Most of this requires
willpower so have some guts!

Exercise. It is a
very important
part of a healthy
Exercise keeps
your blood flowing which keeps
your heart beating.This helps stop
clogged arteries and less chance of
a heart attack in later life. It is
important that you exercise right.
Stretch before any exercise to avoid
pulled muscles or injuries. Exercise
you can do at home includes push
ups, bench, sit ups etc. Jogging is
also a major exercise. You should
jog at least a kilometer to keep that
fat off. Pace yourself and try and
design a route through a local area.
The gym is another good place. You
should always learn how to use
weights and exercises in the gym
from an instructor or professional.
Never use a weight that is to heavy.
Use smaller weights and you will
find that you will progress through
the weights very rapidly. Make sure
you keep a record of all the work
you do.

Drink a lot of
water. The
human body is
made of over
80% water, and
you need to
replenishing it.
You should drink at least 1 litre of
water a day.Your body sweats a lot
of that water so you need to put it
back in.

Willpower and motivation . Have
belief in yourself. Do not care what
other people think if you are lifting
small weights compared to big
weights. Why should you care what
they think? So don't. Keep to your
plan and keep your willpower. You
know you can do it.

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