Friday, 7 February 2014

5 Tips To Help You Last Long In Bed!

I have being receiving many mails on this topic, so i decided to put up an article for all of you to benefit from it.

How can a man last longer?
What is the role of the woman in getting her satisfied?

In order to take care of these questions, I’ll be writing on these topics in the coming days. But first let’s talk on the issue of lasting longer in bed.

Today, I’m going to give you 5 tips out of the plenty tips available to help a man maximize his erection period or last beyond 5 minutes during sexual intercourse.

  Use these tips to your advantage and you will be able to last relatively long in the bed and kill the anxiety of short sexual experience.

Here are the 5 ways you can last longer in bed.

1. Don’t Think About Your Orgasm
What is the most sensitive sex organ in the human body?
It may not be what you think, because it is not any of the following:
  • The Penis
  • The Breast
  • The Vagina
  • The Anus
  • The Clitoris
Your most sensitive sex organ is the Brain or more figuratively, the Mind. Research studies have shown that the mind has the highest sensitivity to sex. Because it is based on what the eyes see, that triggers sexual emotions in these other sexual areas of the body. The first message both to a man and woman is received by the brain before other bodily members follow suit.
So, when you are making love, forget the thought of sex. Start to thinking about other less arousing moments with her. You may think about the last joke that made you laugh with her or any other positive thoughts. This has the effect of spreading and diffusing your pleasure points throughout the body, thus keeping your mind off ejaculation and making you last longer when you thrust slowly.

2. Sex Exercises
There’s a sex exercise called Kegel exercise. This is an exercise that men who have problems lasting longer do to help them control the rate of ejaculation. It is based on training the penile muscles to contract when the feeling of urine or semen comes on.
Here is how it works: For instance, when you are urinating, you can actually learn how to cut off your urine with your muscles before you are through urinating. It can be painful for a man initially, but with time and consistent effort, it will become second nature to you and you will be able to stop ejaculation and slow doing when you feel it.

3. Don’t Thrust So Fast
During intercourse, do not hurry into a forceful thrusting, you need to be very slow as quick succession of thrusts can accelerate ejaculation. Instead you need to slowly focus on making small but shallow forward movements that penetrate the woman 2 inches deep. Around this area, the nerve endings in both the penis and vagina is highly sensitive and continuous stimulation will help the woman to reach an orgasm.

4. Ladies First – Always Be a Gentle Man
When you are making love with a woman, ensure that the woman reaches an orgasm first. This way, you will have a sustained erection long before you attempt penetrating and when you do finally, you can have a more intense orgasm at the same time with the woman.

5. Allow Your Woman To Lead
When last did you allow your woman to be on top instead of the other way round? Truth is the man on top or missionary style position excites the man so much that before he knows what is happening, he has ejaculated into the woman.
It is always better for the woman to be on top of the man while the man is lying down flat on his back. When this happens, the man experiences less stimulation on his penis as long as the woman is advised to go slowly and rhythmically.

In the next few days, I will be discussing more of the things a woman should do to help her man/husband to last longer as the women also have a role to play in this aspect.

In the mean time, keep your eyes peeled for my next article as I tackle What Ladies Needs To Do In Other To Be Satisfied While Having Sex.

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